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Our mission for this program is to let the FCSN students run it themselves. From the physical tasks of cleaning, sorting, and building the products to designing the instructions for products and managing inventories, orders, and finance –– if the students could work together, each in their own strengths and interests, they could actually form a company and learn important life skills on the road to independence.

FCSN students are just as smart, talented, and sympathetic as you and me. They may just need extra time or a little boost to complete a task or fine tune a skill. Through Build a Future, we want to prepare the FCSN students for the real world ahead of them, to integrate them into society. 



During COVID-19 pandemic, I designed LEGO BOOST curriculum and taught members live on Zoom every week so members could enjoy the love of building when being "shelter-at-home".


Our products attracted many attention at the First Annual San Andreas Holiday Craft Sale.  We sold all the products available and earned $855!


We changed the layout of the tables and stations to create a more social and friendly environment. The members enjoy this collaborative environment a lot!


Students officially participate in the fall workshop of 2017. Parents are heavily involved to aid the students and help maintain structure.


I was interviewed by KTVU in December 2019 when they did a feature on  our LEGO Product Club at FCSN.


35 candy dispensers and 14 love napkin holders were sold at the Safeway Sale with revenue $1797. 


As the club expanded, we moved to the multipurpose room with open space and a comfortable working environment. Every week, the students meet to work on candy dispensers as well as packaging and sorting. 


Vivian and Andrew launched the first robotics workshop at FCSN as a summer trial. Students cleaned, dried, and sorted the LEGO pieces, then built candy dispensers.​


The very first Teddy Bear candy dispenser was auctioned off at price of $800! Plus, 14 Heart candy dispensers and 17 Deluxe love napkin holders were sold. Total revenue is $2395!


25 candy dispensers were sold at the 2018 Gala. Some members came and were proud to show their products. All the visitors were extremely amazed at the talent and hard work that the members have and put into Build a Future.


The candy dispensers were proudly displayed at the 2017 FCSN Gala, receiving praise and interest from both children and adults. 



Original candy dispensers


Heart-shaped candy dispensers

LOVE napkin holder

LOVE napkin holder - deluxe

Teddy Bear

NEW ~~~ Teddy Bear Candy Dispenser ~~~

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