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Thank you to all the parents of our team who are helping to run the business. With all of you, we are able to turn our dream into a reality.

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Vivian Chiang​ is a Junior at the University of Pennsylvania, studying Computer Science, Marketing, and Business Analytics. She has always been interested and involved with robotics, so being able to share her passion with the FCSN members was an unique opportunity. Vivian is very honored to have to chance to work with the FCSN community and to continue making a difference in the members' lives. In her free time, she likes to play piano, make videos, and hang out with friends. 

Andrew Chiang is a Senior at Stanford Online High School (OHS).  He has been a big fan of LEGO and robotics since he was little and is so happy to have the opportunity to share his passions with the FCSN community. Andrew and his sister, Vivian, started the Junior Robotics Program at FCSN in the summer of 2016. Encouraged by the success of this program, they continued to help Ms. Meng launch the FCSN LEGO Job Training Program in the summer of 2017, hoping to provide a real world working environment for the FCSN adolescent community. In his spare time, Andrew likes to play basketball and swim. He also enjoys watching movies and catching up with new research in science and technology.





Sherry Meng is a mom with a special needs child. When she first came to America, she had worked as an engineer at a high tech company for 15 years. Now she is the enrichment program director and supervises FCSN South Bay enrichment Programs from ages 1 through adult. She created many fun learning opportunities for students with special needs to promote their health and independence. For example, Sherry designed and implemented the Work Empowerment Program for middle and high school students to hone their life skills and basic job skills.  She also created innovative programs for students to gain job experience, like the Lego building club or the handmade soap project.

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