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Brian Chiao, a quiet, responsible, sometimes humorous 33 year-old adult who was born with Down Syndrome. Brian has a very kind and pure heart. When he feels safe, he can be so unselfish and considerate of others. Brian lives in his own apartment with roommates and FCSN Supportive Living caretaker. He has been a part-time worker with job coach's support at Walmart for 11 years. Besides going to Walmart and FCSN Adult Day Program, Brian also goes regularly to enrichment programs (choir, dance, bowling, Young Life ---etc.), church, and gym. Besides dancing & singing, Brian also enjoys hiking/walking, watching musical shows, and thanks to the FCSN LEGO class, a great newly established pass-time: building useful lego products that he feels so proud of. Brian is a wonderful guy living a healthy good life.

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Julian Huang is currently a Post-Secondary student at the LYNCS program of the Fremont Union High School District. He developed an interest for music since age one.  After Julian was able to have a better attention span and sit longer than half an hour, he was introduced to the piano and cello at age 13. Since then, he practices his instruments daily and has not stopped even when he broke his wrist for a few months.  


One of Julian's strengths is his visual learning skills. He is able to piece together puzzles before he could even speak. He joined the FCSN LEGO workshop since the beginning because his parents believe it’s a great fit for him to be a part of this community. They are glad he enjoys being a LEGO club team member. Julian also likes to workout at YMCA and rides his bike around different cities as well as taking public transportations to many places. He has memorized the map of Santa Clara county and often acts as a GPS for his parents.


Despite his social communication difficulties, Julian is a hard worker. Not only does he practice his instruments daily, but he is also an active volunteer in the community. He has been consistently helping in the local library once a week for over four years, as well as being involved in two senior centers and West Valley Community Center. 


Julian’s personal goal is to become more independent in his future living, working, and traveling.



Junki Morita is 16 years old and was born in Tokyo, Japan. He moved to the U.S. with his Dad and Mom when he was almost 4 years old. He started to play Lego when he was 6 months old and his favorite is building the Star Wars set. He can enjoy building "Death Star" for hours without break. Besides Lego, Junki likes to go to Hope Services after school, take train rides or bike rides during the weekend. He especially likes to play ping-pong recently.



At 21 years old, Ansley Tran is an avid runner and swimmer. He loves to play games on the iPad and watch YouTube music videos. Ansley has really fine motor skills and is amazing at building things with his hands. Ansley enjoys working with Lego a lot. It helps him stay focus, follow instructions and gain confidence.  He loves to take challenges and can’t wait to learn how to build new products.

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Justin Huang is a gentle, sweet 19 years old who has a variety of hobbies and talents. Besides being skilled in LEGO building, Justin also loves to play on his computer, as well as solve puzzles and draw. He enjoys outdoor activities too, such as hiking and playing basketball. In his free time, Justin listens to music and plays the drums and piano. Some of Justin's favorite foods are pizza, spaghetti, and chicken sandwiches.



Jeffrey Lin is currently 19 years old and he love trains and basically anything to do with trains. He joined the Santa Clara Historical Railroad Society to run his HO model trains. Besides trains, Jeffrey also loves puzzles and legos. In his spare time, he also likes to watch videos and play games.



Connie Luo is an avid reader and pianist. She is a great achiever, who is high spirited, motivated, and goal-oriented. Connie loves her friends and has a great sense of humor. She has great pride for her sister and always brings joy to others, is genuine, and respects authority. Connie is a very energetic, determined, creative and artistic student.



Andrew Quach is 24 years old and a happy boy. He likes to hum to a variety of songs that he hears from playing games or his favorite music videos. He enjoys outing with his peers as well as traveling with family. Andrew is a member of the FCSN Percussion group and has been participating in many performances. He also enjoys playing piano and xylophone, and singing during his spare time. He is very excited each time he completes a Lego project.


Eric Wang is 21 year-old boy.  He is a detail oriented individual. He also loves learning languages like Spanish and Chinese, and likes playing word games like Wheel of Fortune. Eric is a hard worker and loves volunteering. Eric also regularly attends enrichment programs like dance, choir, and cooking. His dream is to one day live independently in his own apartment on the East Coast.

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